I’d Rather One Piece | Week 8

EP 319 – 364

This week I managed to watch episodes 319-364. Looking back on this last week a lot actually happened. Usopp officially rejoined the crew, Zoro officially became my favorite character, the Straw Hats got a new ship, and we got to see a little bit of the fight between Ace and Black beard.

Thousand Sunny

Let’s start at the beginning. Franky builds the Straw Hats this new awesome ship they name it “Thousand Sunny”. It has this cool new docking system that lets the ship do some awesome stuff not to mention the fact that the ship is huge. Oh and of course Franky joins Luffy’s crew after a little persuasion.

However, when Usopp tries to rejoin the crew they ignore him until he apologizes for what he did. This was all Zoro’s idea. He forced Luffy to demand respect from his crew. Zoro is the only one who really takes Luffy seriously as his captain. He wasn’t going to let Usopp rejoin the crew like nothing ever happened. This spoke volumes about Zoro’s character and solidified his place as my favorite member of the Straw Hats. In the end, Usopp apologized and they let him rejoin the crew.

Ace Sun

Meanwhile, right before the beginning of the next Arc, we get to see a treat in episode 325. We get to see Ace VS Blackbeard. It was a really exciting fight. Ace is so cool. We get to see him use his fire powers against Black Beard’s Dark powers he received from eating the Dark-Dark fruit. We learn that the reason he killed one of his former crewmates was to get his hands on this devil fruit. After seeing him use the powers he gained I can understand why. There’s no telling who won the fight though the episode never showed us the end. All I can say for sure is that it was epic.

Flame Shadow

I also watched quite a few episodes of the thriller bark arc but I’ll save my thoughts on that for my Thriller Bark Review since it looks like I’ll be wrapping up that arc pretty soon. I can’t wait to see how things ended between Ace and Black Beard. Hopefully, the story will get back to that soon.

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