I’d Rather One Piece | 858

One Piece episode 858 was pretty much more of the same as last week. There was more fighting and more cake making. We also got to see a musical number from Praline which was unexpected. Let's get the fighting part of this episode out of the way since not much changed from last week. Luffy... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather One Piece | 857

So, I watched One Piece episode 857 this week. This episode was pretty much all Luffy Vs. Katakuri. It was awesome to see Luffy finally go gear fourth and start landing some hits on Katakuri. Luffy finally realized that it was Katakuri's observation Haki that was making him seem unbeatable. Apparently, none of Luffy's attacks... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather One Piece | 856

This week's episode was just what I needed. Episode 856 was pretty much all Luffy versus Katakuri. We got to see a few funny moments, but more importantly, we got to learn more about Katakuri.   This episode starts out with Luffy buried under a few tons of Mochi. Luffy escapes by eating his way... Continue Reading →

IRA 014 | Grancrest War

IRA 014 | Grancrest War This is the 14th episode of the I'd Rather Anime Podcast! We talk about what anime we've seen in the last week like Black Clover, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Grancrest War and many more. Click on the play button above to start the podcast! Or if you prefer, you... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather One Piece | 855

Another week and another One Piece Episode. This weeks episode was mostly just Luffy VS Katakuri. Katakuri said he wasn't going to underestimate Luffy. Which was pretty cool because we got to see Katakuri use his devil fruit awakening. Much like how Doflamingo was able to turn the things around him into strings, Katakuri was... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather One Piece | 854

Another week another episode down. Not a lot really happened during this week's episode so this will probably be my shortest One Piece post over. The episode starts out with Nami and the others finally destroying all of the mirrors on the ship like Luffy told them to at the beginning of the last episode.... Continue Reading →

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