I’d Rather First Episode | My First Girlfriend is a Gal

My First Girlfriend is a Gal | 10 Episodes | DUB | VRV | **Not For Children** This anime is not for children. It has a lot of foul-mouthed language and the topic is mature. It really isn't for anyone under the age of 16, so fair warning.   Initial Reaction: This guy is so... Continue Reading →


I’d Rather First Episode | Black Cat

I've come to deliver some bad luck. This is the one-liner that is delivered perfectly by the main character, not once, but twice, throughout the episode. He's dangerous and stealthy and badass and that line seals the deal. Hearing this line was probably the best part of this episode. From the first episode, we learn... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather First Episode

What makes a good first episode? This is the question we consider when we watch anime and when we decide whether we're going to commit our precious time to a new anime. Because, let's be real here, if the first episode is no good, a lot of us are unlikely to commit to watching another... Continue Reading →

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