Rating Explanation

5 Star  Yellow Star.pngYellow Star.pngYellow Star.pngYellow Star.pngYellow Star.png

You have to watch this! If you’re not watching it, you’re not watching anime right! You should be watching this now actually.

4 Star  Yellow Star.pngYellow Star.pngYellow Star.pngYellow Star.png

This anime is great! You should watch it. It comes highly recommended, but it’s not perfect. However, your life will be better for watching it.

3 Star  Yellow Star.pngYellow Star.pngYellow Star.png

This anime is solid and decent. It’s worth a watch, but if you have other things on your list, don’t kill yourself trying to watch it.

At this point, you’re just crossing the line.

2 Star  Yellow Star.pngYellow Star.png

This is great anime for background noise. If you’re doing something else and not giving it exclusive attention, it’s fine. You may stop in the middle of an episode and forget you were watching something, but your life won’t be less for it.

1 Star  Yellow Star.png

This anime sucks. I don’t even know why you bothered. You will not finish this anime, and you will question your judgement for watching it. You’re really only hurting yourself at this point. We question our own judgement for adding it, but we felt it best to warn you.

The Otaku Couple

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