Another week has gone by and we’ve managed to watch even more One Piece. This week we watched episodes 688 – 746. We made it to the end of the Dressrosa arc. These last 58 episodes were really awesome and full of both new and exciting things like Luffy going into “Fourth Gear”, defeating Doflamingo, Sabo’s past and the formation of the Straw Hat Fleet.

First up has to be Fourth Gear. Luffy got 2nd and 3rd gear pretty much back to back during the Water 7 arc, so we haven’t seen Luffy get a brand new form in about 400 episodes. The hype for this form was real! Luffy bulked up his body and covered himself in haki. He got these cool marks on his body that were modeled after his devil fruit. Needless to say, Luffy looked super cool.

He also showed off all of his new abilities that came with this new form that he called bounce man. On top of the increase of speed, strength, and pure destructive power, Luffy can fly in this form. He beats up Doflamingo like a rag doll. Until he runs out of Haki.

Luffy gets some rest for 10 minutes, thanks to friends, and once he gets his Haki back, he takes down Doflamingo in one mighty blow just as he told the citizens he would.

After, Doflamingo’s defeat the Navy took him in. Luffy fell asleep and got some much-needed rest. While Luffy was asleep his brother Sabo came to the house where the Straw Hats were staying and he told them what happened to him. We find out that Sabo had a really bad case of memory loss and didn’t remember anything from before Dragon saved his life. When Ace died his memory came back, it was a touching story. We got to see him grow up with the revolutionary army which was pretty cool.

Lastly, after the Straw Hats departed Dressrosa all of their new allies made the decision to become subordinates under Luffy, even though that’s not really what Luffy wanted. Regardless the new Straw Hat Fleet was formed and it has 5,600 members. Luffy is well on his way to becoming king of the pirates. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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EP 660 – 687

It’s been another week and we’ve managed to watch episodes 660 – 687. We got to see the Strawhats continue their struggle to save the country of Dressrosa. We had a surprise reunion, the introduction of God Usopp, and a surprising voice for one of the executives of the Doflamingo family.

First, I have to cover this very special family reunion. Luffy finds out Law has been captured by Doflamingo and he has to leave the Colosseum to rescue him. Before he leaves some very special appears to him to take his spot as Lucy to win the Flare-Flare fruit. It was… Sabo!!! Luffy and Ace’s other brother. The one that they thought had died when they were still young. He is now the number 2 in command of the revolutionary arm. Needless to say he’s really strong and knows how to use Haki. It was really good seeing Sabo again. It was kind of poetic that Sabo inherited Ace’s devil fruit. The power went from one brother to another. It was a really exciting moment.

Meanwhile, Usopp, Robin, and the Tontattas go to the underground port to take out Sugar. Sugar is the devil fruit eater that has been turning people into toys for the last 10 years. It took a while to get around to it but eventually, Usopp knocked her out with a scary face and thousands of people who had become toy slaves were saved. These people started calling Usopp “God Usopp” since he saved them. It was a pretty ridiculous service of events that led up to this but Usopp definitely became the hero to them all.

Lastly, we got to hear Pica’s voice. Pics is one of the top executives of the Doflamingo family he is a really large guy he has the ability to merge his body with Stone and considering how the entire royal place is stone along with most of the town’s he is a pretty strong opponent. However, his voice is super high pitched. It is hilarious. Luffy and Zoro can’t help but laugh at him. I can’t help but crack a smile every time they make fun of him.

One Piece was really entertaining this week I can’t wait to see how the Dressrosa arc ends. There are so many things going on in this arc I just really want to see how it all ends.

EP 207-325

Time for another Arc Review. I’ll let you know all the good stuff and the not so good stuff. Along with which episodes you need to skip and those you don’t have to.

I’ll get the episodes you should skip out of the way first. There were a lot of them in this Arc. Episodes 207-225 are entertaining but you can skip them they don’t add to the main plot of this arc but they were still fun to watch. These next episodes however you should skip entirely.

284 (Skip the first 8 mins)


Now that that is out of the way let me tell you why this Arc was so good. This arc deals with some great concepts including deception, betrayal, and trauma. There were moments in the arc when I was genuinely enthralled in the story and I just had to see more. It was like a good book that you can’t put down until it’s over. This arc managed to infuriate me over the actions of the World Government. These people don’t understand what justice is, but Luffy does, and he gives it to them. He and his crew stand up against the whole world without fear for what they believe in. Luffy’s fearlessness and drive to accomplish his goals along with his ability to entice others to follow him is so addictive to watch.


The crew as a whole though is getting more and more impressive; they all keep getting stronger. I love how throughout the arc they all get their moments to shine and showcase their advancements. Everyone gets new impressive techniques to take down opponents in battle. Luffy is an awesome leader for this crew, and the show in general, but he isn’t the only one being awesome and this is much appreciated. I think it really sets it apart from other anime.


I could talk all day about the things I love about this anime and this arc but there were a few things I didn’t like. All of which involved the filler episodes. One Piece was doing pretty good up until this arc. Not only was there a lot of filler but it happened right in the middle of some major episodes. It was pretty jarring. I hate when filler is placed in-between the main story. It should only be at the beginning or end of arcs. Some of the filler episodes this time though were really bad. They were entire episode flashbacks. When I say entire episode I mean they took episode that we previously watched and replayed them as a new episode. They didn’t even bother fixing the aspect ratio. We went from 16:9 episodes abruptly back to 4:3. I really hope this doesn’t happen anymore.


Overall though this Arc was a great story with plenty of action and as long as you skip the episodes I told you to, you should have a great time watching it. So far, each arc in One Piece has been better than the last, and this still holds true for this one. I definitely recommend you watch it.


If you want more detailed info on the arc you can check out my previous posts. I’d Rather One Piece | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7. Let me know what you think about the Water 7 arc in a comment down below.