I’d Rather Review | Barakamon

Barakamon | 12 Episodes | DUB | VRV Final Verdict: It's a good story about coming of age that isn't directed at high schoolers. I really enjoyed it. This story follows the story of Handa. He is a young calligrapher living in the heart of Japan. From the very beginning, we get the vibe that... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather First Episode | Black Cat

I've come to deliver some bad luck. This is the one-liner that is delivered perfectly by the main character, not once, but twice, throughout the episode. He's dangerous and stealthy and badass and that line seals the deal. Hearing this line was probably the best part of this episode. From the first episode, we learn... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather Review | Kenichi

Verdict: This anime is good. It probably won't rock your world, but it's solid. Kenichi is the story of Kenichi Shirahama. From the very beginning, we learn that he is a weakling. He was teased all throughout middle school and is called weak-knees because his knees always shake and knock together when he's scared. We... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather One Piece | Week 3

Episodes 111-178 This week I watched episodes 111-178. I know that's a lot of episodes, but I really don't feel like a lot happened in them -- at least in comparison to the last two weeks. I think this is mostly due to the fact that episodes 131-143 were all pretty much filler. They weren't... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather Review | Citrus

Verdict: It's nice to look at, but the love story is a little confusing. Citrus is a yuri anime. It's important to note this because if you're not into girl-on-girl action then this is not the anime for you. If you're into it, or don’t mind it then this anime is probably more your speed.... Continue Reading →

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