EP 747-766

It’s been 19 weeks now since I started watching One Piece and I’m finally less than 100 episodes from catching up to the current episodes. This week we managed to watch episodes 747-766. We started the Zou arc. This arc already has managed to find new ways to intrigue me.

First, the Straw Hats arrive at Zou which isn’t really an island. Zou is actually a giant one thousand-year-old elephant. When I say giant I mean whatever you think is giant multiple that by like a thousand. This elephant walks across the ocean, with an entire country on its back. It was super cool to see.

The people who live on this island are called Mink’s. The Minks basically are human-animal hybrid type creatures. All of them can fight all the way down to the children. When they attack they generate some type of blue electricity. I don’t think this was ever really explained clear but it looked cool.

Just before the Straw Hats arrived on Zou it was attacked by Jack. He’s one the leaders of Kido’s crew. He has the highest bounty we’ve seen so far. One-billion berries!! He a mythical animal type devil fruit which gives him the power to turn into this great mammoth. He’s only a few stories tall though when he transforms. He’s not even remotely as big as Elephant carrying the country. He is really powerful though.

Jack and his mean trampled the country looking for a samurai. The minks had never seen the samurai though so they could bring Jack what he wanted. Jack didn’t care. The minks put up a good fight but in the end, they lost. Jack used some poison gas that Caesar created to slowly kill the minks.

When the first group of the Straw Hats arrive they Jack is already gone. He left to try and save Doflamingo. They see the state of the country and get their hostage Caesar to get rid of the gas. The Straw Hats then proceed to save the people of the entire country. I’m starting to see a trend. Alabasta, Skypea, Fishman Island, and Dressrosa. These pirates are constantly saving people.

Finally, when Luffy’s group arrives we find out Sanji is gone. He received word that he is supposed to marry the emperor Big Mom’s daughter. Apparently, it was arranged by Sanji’s family. We later find out the Sanji comes from a family of assassins. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


EP 475 – 574

This week I watched another 100 episodes. So unfortunately just like last week, I won’t be able to cover everything I watched this week in one post. The Summit War Review and the Fishman Island Review will be posted in the coming weeks, they’ll give my overall thoughts on both arcs. Most of the episodes I watched this week showed off the new skills the Straw Hats acquired during their two years of training separately.


After Bartholomew Kuma separated the Straw Hats across the globe, they agreed to meet back up in two years — everyone conveniently landed in places that could teach them new things. When the Straw Hats meet back up, we see the results of their training.

In addition to everyone getting physically stronger, they also developed cool new moves.

  • Brook can make his spirit leave his body and turn into a ghost.
  • Nami has a pretty similar set of powers as before, but they are much stronger and way faster. She sets up traps before her targets even realize they’ve already been caught.


  • Usopp bulked up and isn’t as cowardly as before. He also added various dangerous plants to his arsenal of weapons. He can use them to take down all kinds of opponents.
  • Chopper can use all of his forms now without a Rumble ball — except for one. He has to use one rumble ball to access his monster point form, which shows how far he’s come. He had to use three rumble balls to access it before, and he couldn’t control it. Now he has complete control, making him a truly dangerous source to be reckoned with.


  • Robin can now make her body parts appear even larger, disappear into flower petals, and she can also apparently create an entire duplicate of herself. I see that coming in handy. (No pun intended.)
  • Sanji can walk on air in addition to his more powerful kicks. He calls his new technique sky walk, but it’s the same as CP9’s moon walk.


  • Franky added a bunch of modifications to his body making himself stronger, but he also made improvements to the ship and made himself a Gundam for him to pilot.
  • Zorro is much stronger after training with Mihawk. He’s missing an eye now – which makes him look way tougher than he used to. We don’t know what happened to it because they never really explain it, but hopefully, we’ll hear about what happened one day.


The results of Luffy’s training were most impressive. Since he learned all three types of haki from Rayleigh, he’s super strong. He took out 50,000 soldiers without ever throwing a single punch. He also learned to increase the power of his punches using his armament haki. His new moves are amazing, and even his old ones don’t appear to take anywhere near the toll as they used to.


I can’t wait to see how the Straw Hats use all of their newly acquired skills in the New World. I’ve finished all of the dubbed episodes at the time that I’m writing this, so from here on out I’ll be watching One Piece subbed on VRV with Mrs. Otaku. I’ll point out any clear differences I noticed after making the switch.

The Otaku Couple

EP 365 – 473

This week I watched episode 365 – 473. That’s over 100 episodes this week which is totally insane, but the reason why I watched so many episodes is because One Piece is getting really, really good. So much happened over the course of these episodes that I’m not going to be able to fit everything into one post, so I’m going to give you some of the highlights now, but be on the lookout in the coming weeks for both an “Impel Down” review and a “Summit War” review.


I started the week with Zoro making a noble sacrifice, cementing his place as my favorite member of the Straw Hats. I’ll talk more about that in my upcoming Thriller Bark Review. Sorry, but there were just too many episodes this week to go into detail about that here. After leaving Thriller Bark, the crew headed towards Fishman island but soon realized that there was no way for them to get there because it’s underwater. Conveniently, the crew ends up accidentally rescuing a Mermaid named “Camie”. She is willing to help them out until she finds out that her friend Hatchan has been captured. Luffy and his crew agree to help Camie out until they find out that Hatchan is the fishman that used to be part of the Arlong pirates that held Nami and her village captive for years. After seeing that Hatchan has turned over a new leaf — so to speak — and is trying to live an honest life, Nami tells the crew to rescue him. This shows great character development for Nami and brings back a character from the beginning of the series.


Finally, after everyone has decided to become friends, Hatchan and Camie take the Straw Hats to Sabaody Archipelago to get their ship coated with a special material that will allow them to sail the ship under the sea to get to Fishman Island. Upon arriving at Sabaody, Hatchan quickly makes Luffy promise not to defy a Celestial Dragon while they are on the Archipelago. The Celestial Dragons are the Decedents of the 20 people that originally formed the World Government. If someone defies the Celestial Dragons, the Navy sends an Admiral along with several Navy Battleships.


While the crew looks for the best ship coater on the Archipelago, Camie gets kidnapped and put up for auction. The Celestial Dragons that live on the island buy people (mostly pirates) and fishmen and use them as slaves. It was a really sad sight to see. They put chains on them and collars around their neck that explode if the slave tries to get it off. Now Camie, their friend, was in danger of being sold as one of these slaves. It took a while for the Straw Hats to find the right auction house. Luffy and Zoro were among the last to arrive. Luffy was heading down to the stage to free Camie, but Hatchan tried to stop him because if he freed her it would anger the Celestial Dragons. Once they realized that Hatchan was a Fishman, one of the Celestial Dragons shot him right in front of Luffy. This led to Luffy into one epic act of defiance against the Celestial Dragons that everyone else was too afraid to touch. Luffy punched the Celestial Dragon!


This caused a great amount of trouble for the Straw Hats, even though in the end they freed Camie and saved Hatchan. They had to deal with the Marines who were already on the Island looking for Rayleigh, who happened to be the same ship coater that the Straw Hats were looking for and also, the first mate and right-hand man to Gol D. Roger. They ran into Rayleigh and several other impressive new rookie pirates at the auction house. After an impressive team up, the crew temporarily got away. Rayleigh agreed to coat the ship for them, but since all of the Marines where still on the Archipelago, Rayleigh gave each of the Straw Hats a piece of his vivre card so they could find him, and their ship, in three days when the coating was complete. The group was about to split up but the Admiral found them, along with his allies and Luffy ordered everyone to run away because they were in a fight they couldn’t possibly win. In the end, thanks to some help from one of the 7 War Lords of the sea, the crew managed to get away but they were scattered all across the globe.


On top of all that, we find out that Ace is going to be executed and there is a massive, unavoidable war brewing on the horizon.


EP 207-325

Time for another Arc Review. I’ll let you know all the good stuff and the not so good stuff. Along with which episodes you need to skip and those you don’t have to.

I’ll get the episodes you should skip out of the way first. There were a lot of them in this Arc. Episodes 207-225 are entertaining but you can skip them they don’t add to the main plot of this arc but they were still fun to watch. These next episodes however you should skip entirely.

284 (Skip the first 8 mins)


Now that that is out of the way let me tell you why this Arc was so good. This arc deals with some great concepts including deception, betrayal, and trauma. There were moments in the arc when I was genuinely enthralled in the story and I just had to see more. It was like a good book that you can’t put down until it’s over. This arc managed to infuriate me over the actions of the World Government. These people don’t understand what justice is, but Luffy does, and he gives it to them. He and his crew stand up against the whole world without fear for what they believe in. Luffy’s fearlessness and drive to accomplish his goals along with his ability to entice others to follow him is so addictive to watch.


The crew as a whole though is getting more and more impressive; they all keep getting stronger. I love how throughout the arc they all get their moments to shine and showcase their advancements. Everyone gets new impressive techniques to take down opponents in battle. Luffy is an awesome leader for this crew, and the show in general, but he isn’t the only one being awesome and this is much appreciated. I think it really sets it apart from other anime.


I could talk all day about the things I love about this anime and this arc but there were a few things I didn’t like. All of which involved the filler episodes. One Piece was doing pretty good up until this arc. Not only was there a lot of filler but it happened right in the middle of some major episodes. It was pretty jarring. I hate when filler is placed in-between the main story. It should only be at the beginning or end of arcs. Some of the filler episodes this time though were really bad. They were entire episode flashbacks. When I say entire episode I mean they took episode that we previously watched and replayed them as a new episode. They didn’t even bother fixing the aspect ratio. We went from 16:9 episodes abruptly back to 4:3. I really hope this doesn’t happen anymore.


Overall though this Arc was a great story with plenty of action and as long as you skip the episodes I told you to, you should have a great time watching it. So far, each arc in One Piece has been better than the last, and this still holds true for this one. I definitely recommend you watch it.


If you want more detailed info on the arc you can check out my previous posts. I’d Rather One Piece | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7. Let me know what you think about the Water 7 arc in a comment down below.



This week I watched episodes 274-318. As per usual it was quite a ride. The Straw Hats made their final stand against CP9 and the World Government at Enies Lobby. Everyone in the crew pushed past their limits and showed off their own special new techniques that they used to defeat their CP9 opponents.

We finally got Robin’s backstory. It was pretty touching — almost tear jerking. For a kid to grow up being mentally abused and mistreated without parents and then being hated by the other kids on the island just because of her devil fruit powers is pretty messed up, but not nearly as bad as what happened on the day she was reunited with her mother. A buster call was issued and everything she had ever known was burned to the ground. She escaped thanks to a little help from Admiral Akoiji, but then she had to live a life on the run because the World Government put a huge bounty on her head. Every person who took her in, betrayed her. She was afraid of this happening again with the Straw Hats and decided she’d rather die before going through that again. Luffy and the crew showed her that would never happen when they shot down the World Government’s flag showing that they were willing to go against the whole world to get her back.


After Robin’s will to live was restored, they still had to go get her back — and they went through each member of CP9 to do it. I enjoyed every single one of these fights. I probably could write an entire post on each of these fights but I’ll just give you the highlights. By highlights I mean I just plan on talking about each members new abilities.


First up is Nami, she uses her new Clima Tact to create 5 illusions of herself as she creates weather indoors to strike down her opponents. Control of the weather is a pretty fitting ability for a navigator.


Next up is Chopper. Chopper doesn’t necessarily get a new ability per se, but he does do something we’ve never seen him do before. When pushed beyond his limits three times in battle, he takes a third Rumbleball and transforms into a huge mindless beast. He crushes his enemy but almost does the same to some of the members of his crew, but they get him back to normal.

Then comes Sanji. He heats up his leg and disables his opponent with a powerful flaming kick.


Zoro transforms. I still don’t know how, but he gets four extra arms and two extra heads and uses nine-sword style to defeat his foe. It was pretty awesome to see.

Luffy pulls out two new techniques, and both take tolls on his body. The first of these techniques he calls second gear. He uses his legs as pumps to make his blood flow faster giving him increased strength and speed. You can tell when he’s using this technique because his skin gets a red tint from the extra blood flow and steam comes off his body.


Luffy’s second technique is called third gear. He increases the mass of one part of his body and shifts it around as it gets bigger and bigger until he can disable his opponent with a giant fist or kick. This is super powerful but when the technique is over Luffy shrinks super small. This leaves him pretty vulnerable for awhile.


Despite all of Luffy’s new found power he struggles greatly against the leader of CP9. He digs deep though and gets the job done in epic fashion.

The crew manages to escape with Robin during the middle of a buster call because the Going Merry comes to save them and lead them to safety. Sadly, after they get away, she breaks and the crew is forced to say goodbye and burn her at sea.


Once everyone makes it back to water seven we find out about Luffy’s father and grandfather. We also learn some really interesting things about Shanks and his relationships with White Beard and Gold Roger. Hopefully this next arc will expand a lot more on this new information. I can’t wait see the Straw Hats next adventure and their new ship.

The Otaku Couple

EP 234-273

This week I watched episodes 234-273 and it was quite a ride. I think this may be the best arc of One Piece I’ve seen so far. It’s been full of surprises and some epic moments. This week I saw betrayal, childhood trauma, and infighting.


This week started off kind of crazy. Usopp got beat up by the Franky family when he tried to get 200 million berries back from them. This led to Luffy, Zorro, Sanji, and Chopper completely demolishing the Franky family. One of my favorite lines of the week came from when Luffy said, “Not even your bones will be left when we are done!” And sure enough, seconds later the entire Franky House was demolished.

Unfortunately, even after all of that they still didn’t get their money back because Franky was out spending it all. When the crew finally got Usopp back on his feet, Luffy told him that they were getting rid of the Going Merry. This led to a huge fight that ended up with Usopp leaving the crew and challenging Luffy to a duel for ownership of the Merry. Usopp was still pretty injured but this ended up being a great fight. Usopp fought proudly and he definitely earned some respect in this fight. He knew he couldn’t beat Luffy, but he pulled out every trick in his arsenal to stop him. In the end, Usopp stopped all of Luffy’s attacks but still managed to lose the fight. Luffy gave him the ship anyway. I wonder when Usopp will officially return to the Straw Hats?


Later on, we see Robin attempt to kill Iceberg and frame the Strawhats for the crime. I say attempt to kill but the fact that she didn’t kill him simply means that she wasn’t really trying. Either way, this part of the story left me very intrigued on what was really going on. In the end, we find out that Robin is working with a secret World Government Organization named CP9 and she’s actually doing it to protect the Strawhats from a Buster Call. Apparently, a Buster Call is what completely destroyed the island where Robin grew up. She was the only survivor. The government is using her childhood trauma to manipulate her. This is pretty deep for a shonen anime.


After CP9 accomplishes their goal, they take Robin away to Enies Lobby, the headquarters of the world government. Luffy and the crew go on a rescue mission to save Robin from the ridiculously strong members of CP9 and thousands of government soldiers. Usopp is also there to save Robin in disguise, as Sniper King, because he doesn’t want to show his face since he’s no longer a part of the crew. Sniper King’s theme song is really catchy and I found it quite enjoyable.

The last few episodes I saw this week were basically just a bunch of marines getting beaten up (mostly by Luffy). Luffy also delivered some more awesome lines.

Marine: Hey Luffy how many friends did you bring with you? We have 10,000 men here at Enies Lobby.

Luffy: Sorry it’s just me. {Cracks his knuckles and proceeds to dismantle the marines}


And this line he delivered with so much passion to one of the members of CP9.

Luffy: I don’t care about your honor, your government or any of that crap.


I can’t wait until next week to see more of this awesomeness. I’ll never grow tired of Luffy’s fearlessness against seemingly insurmountable odds. So hype for next week!

This week I watched episodes 212 – 233. These episodes had some awesome and unexpected moments. Some of them open doors to new possible story lines that I really want to see play out. A lot of the episodes presented me with more questions than answers.

The first few episodes I watched this week covered the end of the Davy Back fight with the Foxy pirates. Once the straw hats won and got Chopper back, I thought it was going to be over but then Luffy foolishly agree to have another game. At the time I was thinking, “Why would he do that? How stupid could you be? I don’t want to see another round of the One Piece Olympics!” However, it all was worth it once I saw Luffy put on that Afro. Afro Luffy was amazing. I don’t know what it is, but the afro power was real. I enjoyed trainer Usopp as well.

The story really picked back up in episode 227 where we met Aokiji. He’s one of the top fighters for the marines and has crazy ice powers. When I say crazy, I mean he froze the ocean solid from one island to the next like it was nothing. He also has some kind of past history with Robin that I’m looking forward to finding out about. Speaking of Robin he froze her solid!


I wasn’t ready for this. Luckily the crew managed to save her before Aokiji could crush her, but in order to have that opportunity Luffy had to go up against Aokiji. I couldn’t think of anyway a rubber man could beat an ice man and well … I was right. Luffy got frozen solid but Aokiji didn’t crush him. He actually let him go because apparently Luffy’s grandfather helped him out once before in the past. This was the first mention of Luffy’s grandfather I wonder what he was like or if he’s still alive. Come to think of it I don’t know anything about Luffy’s family other than his brother Ace.


After the crew was all thawed out, they headed to the next island, Water Seven. Water Seven is kind of like Sky Island but in the ocean. The streets are all made of water and they have special elevators that fill up with water to get you up to the higher levels of the city. It was all very unique unlike the voices of the townspeople. They reused the exact same voices from earlier in the series. It doesn’t bother me but, I definitely noticed. What was really crazy though was how the reused Mihawk’s character design and made him a ventriloquist shipwright.


Speaking of ships, the crew cashes in their gold so they can use the money to fix the Going Merry but, a couple of unforeseen things happen. The first being how Usopp got jacked by the Franky family for 200 million out of the 300 million berries they got for trading in the gold. I don’t know why they let Usopp out of their sight when he was carrying so much money. He ends up half dead in a street somewhere. The second thing that happens that was a total shock is when the crew gets told by the best shipwrights in the world that their ship is unfixable. They said it wouldn’t even make it to the next island. I don’t know what the crew is going to do about this situation. They are too attached to the ship to let it go and get a new one, but at the same time it can’t be fixed.

Meanwhile, Usopp displays his unwavering courage when it really counts and goes barging into the Franky family’s house to get the crews money back so they can fix the ship, but he doesn’t know yet that the ship can’t be repaired. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I hear the show is about to go from good to great. What did you think about these episodes when you watched them? Leave a comment down below.


Episodes 179-212

This week I managed to watch episodes 179-212. That’s only 33 episodes, which is far less than previous weeks, but I was at Kameha-Con this weekend so I wasn’t able to watch much anime. Kameha-Con was definitely worth it though and I can’t wait until the next one. A lot of the voice actors from Dragon Ball also play parts in One Piece. It was cool hearing the voices of our favorite characters coming from real people. I’ll try and get in more One Piece episodes next week but, the few I saw this week weren’t bad.


The entire arc with the crew trapped in the marine base was actually really entertaining (196-206). I’m not sure if these episodes were just filler or not, but if they were, it was good filler. Seeing Commander Jonathan come up with plan after plan to catch the straw hats with his methodical mindset, like he was playing a game of chess, was fun. In the end, despite how well planned the commander’s attacks were, the Straw Hats unpredictability led them to victory in the end.

Marine Commander 206.png

I also started watching the episodes where the crew is on “Long Ring Long Island”. They end up entering a Davy Back with the Foxy Pirates. During this Davy Back, each crew takes part in these series of contests — kind of like the Olympics for Pirates — but the winner of each round gets to take a member of the others teams crew or something else if they want it. It’s a pretty crazy idea. I’ve finished watching the first of three rounds and the Straw Hats have already lost Chopper. I’m guessing the Straw Hats will have to win the next two rounds but, I’m curious what Luffy will ask for from the Foxy pirates when they win. Knowing Luffy, he might not actually ask for anything.

Davy Back Fight.png

Overall I’m pretty sure the journey will be more important than the destination. At the end of the last episode, I watched Zoro and Sanji actually agree to work together for 10 seconds, and I can’t wait to see what they can do if they actually do work together. It’ll probably make things way too easy.

Zoro Sanji Davy Back.png

The Otaku Couple

Episodes 136-206

Sky Island.

From the first mention of Sky Island, you can’t wait to get there. Instead, though, you end up spending several episodes on an island called Jaya. You might feel like you can rush through these episodes, but it’s actually very important, and not just because it’s where they learn how to get to Sky Island. Jaya’s connection to the sky island, Skypiea, was super cool and unexpected and eventually, the Straw Hats make up to the sky.

Knock up stream social

Luffy and the gang get branded as criminals shortly after making it up to Sky Island. I know this isn’t surprising, but this time it looks like it’s going to have some serious consequences. They have to face god’s judgment. They are supposed to do this through surviving various ordeals when going up against the god Eneru’s priest. They beat Satori the first of Eneru’s priest but then an all-out war breaks out between Eneru’s priest (plus his royal guards) and the Shandoraians.

Ordeals Social



Through this war, we learn all about sky warfare. In sky warfare, dials of all different types are used in a variety of ways in order to battle opponents. When things first got started it seemed like the priest could use some weird type of magic but once Gan Fall (the former god) explained how the different dials were used in battle it all became clear. As we continued to see different battles creatively making use of dials, the episodes became more and more exciting.Sanji DialsEventually, we get to meet the god Eneru himself as he appears in a flash of lightning. We find out that he uses incredible lightning powers and his body itself is actually made of lightning so he can’t be harmed. Later we find out that he’s eaten a devil fruit and that’s what’s given him these incredible abilities. We find out that Eneru is actually from another sky island and that he dethroned Gan Fall six years prior and has developed an elaborate plan for Skypiea. Eneru treats the war on the upper yard sky island like a game. His big mistake though was involving the blue sea dwellers known to us as the Straw Hats.EneruAs anyone could’ve predicted, in the end, the lightning god Eneru had to face the rubber-man Monkey D. Luffy. It was an interesting fight since Luffy is impervious to lightning Eneru had to come up with some other crafty ways to keep Luffy away from him. In the end though, with the help of his friends, Luffy and his gang defeated Eneru and actually got away with the treasure.Luffy vs. Eneru SocialOverall I really enjoyed the Sky Island arc and I would definitely watch it again if I ever manage to get caught up on One Piece. What did you think about the Sky Island Arc? Leave comments down below.Bye Sky Island Social




Otaku Couple

So I just finished with the second arc of One Piece — Alabasta. It’s the first arc for the straw hats after they enter the Grand Line. It was quite the ride. They gained two new crew members, took down an advanced crime syndicate, saved a princess and a country, all while taking down one of the seven war lords of the sea.

There were many battles in this arc but the ones against Baroque Works were definitely my favorite. Each member of the team developed and got stronger as they continued to fight. In the end though all of their opponents were stronger than them. They overcame their lack of strength by using their brains instead of their brawn. This was really a nice change of pace. The most impressive victories have to go to Nami, Zoro, and Luffy. Nami defeated a top tier member of Baroque Works by herself, even though she doesn’t have any devil fruit powers and isn’t freakishly strong like some of her teammates. It was impressive. It was nice to see her be useful in a fight instead of staying on the sidelines (like a substantial number of other female characters anime). Zoro’s battle was even more impressive though, he gained a new incredible skill as a swordsman and I can’t wait to see what he does with it next.

Finally, there was Luffy’s battle with Crocodile. Luffy finally came up against an opponent who he couldn’t beat. At this point we are used to Luffy displaying his passion for what he believes in and using that to drive him to overcome his obstacles. This time, that wasn’t enough and he actually had to use his head to win. I loved how this showed Luffy’s ability to think when he has to in order to get the job done.

Overall the stories in this arc of One Piece were cool and exciting. We got to meet Luffy’s brother Ace and hear a little about his captain, which I know has to lead to a future arc and definitely piqued my interest. Even the filler episodes seem to further develop the characters. I don’t regret watching any of the episodes but I’ll probably skip episodes 131-135 when I go back to re-watch the series. I’m looking forward to what happens on the Straw Hats next adventure and how the teams newest member will mesh with the others.