One Piece episode 858 was pretty much more of the same as last week. There was more fighting and more cake making. We also got to see a musical number from Praline which was unexpected.

Let’s get the fighting part of this episode out of the way since not much changed from last week. Luffy is still fighting Katakuri. Katakuri continues to keep his calm and is able to easily dodge all of Luffy’s attacks. Eventually, Luffy’s fourth gear Run’s out of time and he runs away from Katakuri. Things were looking grim until he spotted Brulee and used her to get out of the Mirror World. Luffy is not a coward though so instead of Leaving Katakuri trapped in the Mirror World he plans on going back in 10 minutes once he regains his Haki.

Meanwhile, Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon finish the cake. Well, I guess it would be more accurate to say they finished preparing the cake they at their current location. The cake has finished baking but they still have to put the toppings on. Apparently, the cake is so fluffy they have to hold it down so it won’t float away. Pudding’s fresh chocolate is so smooth that if they didn’t put a lid on it the chocolate would spill out the pot. Finally, Sanji’s ultimate cream Simsim Whip is so delicious it can cause you to almost die from happiness. I found that to be pretty impressive makes me wish I could taste it.

Earlier I mention Praline’s musical number. First, if you don’t remember who Praline is she is actually Aladdin the fishman from the Sun Pirates wife. She uses her musical talents to convince all of Big Mom’s Territory Slugs to take the day off so the Straw Hats could be tracked. I love when music has an actual purpose instead of simply being random. This was well appreciated by me.


Lastly, an observation I made after I finished watching this episode. Praline’s full name is Charlotte Praline. She is the 29th daughter of Big Mom but she’s helping the Straw Hats. Charlotte Pudding is also helping the Straw Hats. Oh and Charlotte Chiffon is also helping the Straw Hats. Maybe Big Mom should treat he daughters better that way they wouldn’t ally with her enemies. At the same time though she also marries her daughter’s off and when they get married clearly their allegiance lies with their husband. Which is the way it should be so I guess it doesn’t matter how she treats them. Next week get to see how Sanji is going to slip past oven to deliver the Cake. I can’t wait to see how he is going to pull this off.

So, I watched One Piece episode 857 this week. This episode was pretty much all Luffy Vs. Katakuri. It was awesome to see Luffy finally go gear fourth and start landing some hits on Katakuri.

Luffy finally realized that it was Katakuri’s observation Haki that was making him seem unbeatable. Apparently, none of Luffy’s attacks were passing through Katakuri’s body. Katakuri was actually changing the shape of his body to avoid being hit all.

Once Luffy managed to break Katakuri’s calm state of mind by making him angry after seeing him eating, Luffy was able to get plenty of good hits on Katakuri. I did like how Katakuri refused to fall on his back and you used every technique he had to prevent himself from falling.

There was one other part to this episode that I really liked. Brulee called Pudding to update her on what was going on with the Straw Hats. She told her about Luffy and Katakuri’s one on one fight. Sanji was listening to their conversation. After Brulee hung up with Pudding, she expressed to Sanji how worried she was for Luffy because Katakuri has never lost a fight and his bounty is over a billion berries. Sanji was concerned at all. He had complete faith in his captain’s ability to win. It was awesome to see how much confidence he has in Luffy.

I can’t wait until next week it looks like Katakuri is calming down and starting to use his observation Haki on Luffy again. He also pulled out a new cool technique where he punches Luffy from a distance through donuts. Next week I guess we’ll see how Luffy handles this attack.