I’d Rather First Episode | MMO Junkie

Recovery of an MMO Junkie | 11 Episodes | DUB | VRV Initial Impression: No. I'm not for this. But... maybe... let's just see where it goes... So, this is not your average first episode post. Mostly because I watched the first 3 episodes, not just the very first one. My impression of it is... Continue Reading →


I’d Rather One Piece | Week 10

EP 475 - 574 This week I watched another 100 episodes. So unfortunately just like last week, I won't be able to cover everything I watched this week in one post. The Summit War Review and the Fishman Island Review will be posted in the coming weeks, they'll give my overall thoughts on both arcs.... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather One Piece | Week 9

EP 365 - 473 This week I watched episode 365 - 473. That's over 100 episodes this week which is totally insane, but the reason why I watched so many episodes is because One Piece is getting really, really good. So much happened over the course of these episodes that I'm not going to be... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather Review | Orange

Orange| 13 Episodes | DUB | VRV Verdict: Sad, confusing, but thought-provoking in its own way. When I first started watching Orange, I wasn't expecting it to be the emotional roller coaster drop that it was. It started out like most Slice of Life anime do. There was a high school, a girl, and then... Continue Reading →

IRA 004 | Shokugeki

IRA 004 | Shokugeki This is the fourth episode of the I'd Rather Anime Podcast! We talk about what anime we've seen this week, how we really feel about Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, and what we plan to watch this upcoming week. Click on the play button above to start the podcast! Or if... Continue Reading →

I’d Rather One Piece | Week 8

EP 319 - 364 This week I managed to watch episodes 319-364. Looking back on this last week a lot actually happened. Usopp officially rejoined the crew, Zoro officially became my favorite character, the Straw Hats got a new ship, and we got to see a little bit of the fight between Ace and Black... Continue Reading →

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