I’d Rather First Episode | Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World | 12 Episodes | DUB | VRV



Initial Impressions: This anime is going to hit the spot.

So, we’ve actually watched the first two episodes of this anime and it’s a bit difficult, to sum up what it’s about so far. Part of this is because the focus point is the people who come and go to the restaurant, and not necessarily the people who run it. This gives the story many different perspectives instead of just one, which is kind of cool actually. It sort of reminds you that even when you end up in the same place at the same time, or at the same place at different times, everyone has their own life and their own story to tell.

Even with the different characters with their own stories, they all converge at one place — The restaurant. The door to the restaurant doesn’t seem to be anything special, but every 7 days, it appears in a different realm. The door shows up in different places for everyone, but everyone who enters is almost always shocked initially by where it leads. There are samurai and dragons, soldiers and lizard men, a girl with horns and a human cook. It’s a varied cast of characters and they all have their favorite dishes and their own reasons for finding and eating at the restaurant. I like that the characters are unique in that way.

Horn Girl Eating

I also really like the cook. He seems like a regular guy who’s gotten accustomed to the unexpected and unnatural. In the first episode, he wakes up to find a sleeping girl with horns in his kitchen. She explains that she lost her job because the people found out that she was a demon — mind you, she comes from the realm of demons and found work in a human town there — and so she was homeless in the worst part of town when the door showed up. She says she thought she was dreaming and so ate the food. Instead of getting angry he makes her breakfast and offers her a job as a waitress, where she would wait tables for him once every 7 days when the door appeared in her realm. I think this shows his cool and easy going nature. He reminds me a lot of Soma and Sanji actually. He’s a laid-back cook who cooks for people who are hungry and it’s delicious.

So far, it seems as if the door appears in the other realm when people need it most. I think the storyline has the potential to be really interesting. On top of that, the animation is pretty to look at. It’s not breathtaking like Ancient Magus’ Bride or Violet Evergarden, but it is detailed and colored beautifully. I’m curious as to how the characters will grow, or if they will. This anime gives off the vibe of a lightly connected story that’s more episodic than serial, but we’ll see where the story goes. Either way, I’m excited to see what other characters come into the restaurant and what’s up next on the menu.

I'll be back

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