I’d Rather One Piece | Week 20

EP 767 – 792

Hard to believe I’m at week 20 already. This week we watched episodes 767-792. We got to see the end of the Zou arc, the formation of a new alliance, the beginning of the Whole Cake island Arc, and learn a little bit more about Sanji’s family.2018-08-27_18-46-04

Let’s start with the End of the Zou arc. First is the craziest shocker. You remember how I told you that the reason why Jack laid waist to the entire country Zou was because he was looking for a samurai ninja named Raizo. It turns out that they were keeping the samurai safe the whole time. He is ally of the two kings of Zou and they refused to sell out their friend no matter what even if it meant the destruction of the their entire country. That’s some loyalty.

We finally meet the ninja name Raizo but his looks where pretty disappointing not just to the crew but also to the rest of us. He did show off a few Naruto style abilities though.

In the secret chamber where the minks were keeping Raizo we find out about the land Wano and its history with the minks along with the truth about who created the ponegliffs. It is here we get our first look at a red ponegliff. We are told that there are 4 red ponegliffs each points to a specific location. At the center of those four locations is Raftel the last island along the Grand Line that nobody can get to. Only Gol D. Roger the King of the pirates along with his crew have made it there. At that place lies the truth about the blank century and the truth about the formation of the world government. We finally have a clue of how the Straw Hats will get to the end of their journey on the Grand Line. They only need to find the missing three red ponegliffs. Our new friends on Zou let them know that the emperor Big Mama has one of these Red Ponegliffs also called Road Ponegliffs. The Beast Emperor Kaido has another one, but they don’t know about the location of the last one.

The Wano kingdom is currently being oppressed by Kaido and a shogun. The Samurai and the minks ask for Luffy for his crews help to take down Kaido. After their leader asks him properly Luffy agrees to join the Alliance. He doesn’t check to see if that’s ok with Law until after he says yes though which I thought was hilarious. Thus the Ninja-Pirate-Minks-Samurai alliance was formed.

The new group splits up into different teams and agree to meet in the Land of Wano to take done Kaido. One group goes to recruit Marco the Phoenix the leader of the first division of the White-beard pirates. Another group goes the Land Wano to prepare for the upcoming battle and gather allies. Finally, Luffy’s group goes to get Sanji back. This leads the to the start of the next arc Whole Cake island.

We watched the first few episodes of the Whole Cake island arc this week but this post is already super long so I’ll talk more about Whole Cake Island, Big Mama, and Sanji’s family next week, and of course when the Whole Cake Island Arc is over I’ll talk about it in my Arc review, but since Whole Cake Island is the current arc at the time of me writing this I don’t know how long it will take to get through it. I can’t wait until next week.

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