I’d Rather Review | Mysterious Girlfriend X

Mysterious Girlfriend X | 13 Episodes | SUB | VRV


Verdict: Really weird, kind of gross, but very amusing and sweet, but also slightly confusing.

Mysterious Girlfriend X is easily one of the strangest anime I’ve seen in a while. It’s about a boy named Tsubaki who sits next to the new girl who just transferred into class, Urabe. Everyone is fascinated with Urabe at first, but it turns out that she’s actually very weird. So once the newness wears off, everyone starts to avoid her. She sleeps during lunch, and one day Tsubaki forgets his lunchbox in his desk. When he goes back for it after school, he finds Tsubaki sleeping at her desk. He wakes her up so that she can go home, but he sees that she has drooled on her desk.

Desk Urabe

Things take a turn for the weird after that. She leaves the room, and he sticks his finger in her drool and licks it. I personally almost gagged at watching it. He goes through this whole sequence of thinking it tastes sweet and freaking out over the fact that he just ate a random girls drool off her desk. Apparently, eating it made him really sick. Not because she had a cold and he just injected her germs into his mouth, but because he’s in love with her and going days without more drool made him ill.

This leads them on some weird interactions together, but the end result is them dating. They are super awkward and weird, but I enjoy watching it, because everyone is weird in their own way in their own relationship. They understand each other and they freak out over liking each other and it’s cute. Weird. Really, really weird. But also really cute. It’s also funny, because Urabe is strange and Tsubaki has no idea what’s going on with her 99% of the time and is just trying to play by her rules.


There are some things I felt were forced in some situations, and some things I didn’t understand, but that didn’t make it a bad anime. I didn’t understand why they were keeping the fact that they were dating a secret. They’re seventeen, in high school, and they act like middle schoolers. I didn’t understand it because they didn’t have a reason for hiding it; that just seemed to be the theme of the anime: secret dating.


Tsubaki is a regular guy and wants to do regular (at least I would consider it to be regular) things with his girlfriend, like hold her hand, hug her, kiss her. We never see them do any of this. We see them hug briefly near the end of the series, but we never see anything beyond that. Really, I didn’t see how their relationship could grow from their interactions. They don’t seem to talk to each other during the day, because their relationship is secret, they don’t hang out on the weekends, they don’t appear to text. They just walk home together and swap spit on each other’s fingers. The show tries to play up their relationship as more than what we see, but I wasn’t buying it.

Spit Finger

They both have best friends who are dating each other, but Tsubaki never tells his friend that he’s dating Urabe. Urabe’s friend finds out because she sees the spit swap one day. It’s another type of relationship I don’t understand because they don’t actually seem like friends. We never see them interact really (other than eating lunch together) and they don’t tell each other anything. I don’t know, it just seemed like a lame depiction of all types of relationships to me. Urabe and her friend were the only two who seemed to have anything that looked like a “real” friendship. It was still weird, but it was better than we got with everyone else.

Ueno and girlfriend

Overall, it was amusing. If you can stand to be grossed out by someone shoving a spit-covered finger into someone else’s mouth or someone shoving a finger into someone’s mouth to steal some spit for themselves, then maybe this anime is for you. I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you stumble across it one day and decide to watch it, you won’t be worse off for it. It’s a romance story for sure, it’s just… mysterious.


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