IRA 007 | My Hero Academia

IRA 007 | My Hero Academia

This is the 7th episode of the I’d Rather Anime Podcast! We talk about what anime we’ve seen in the last two weeks, rant a lot about One Piece, and let you know our thoughts on My Hero Academia and why you should watch it. Click on the play button above to start the podcast! Or if you prefer, you can find us wherever you listen to podcasts, just click here to add us to your favorite app! If you haven’t seen the anime yet, but you want to hear what we have to say, click the title of the podcast above to watch it where we did. When you’re done, you can come back and give us a listen. You could do other things, but we know you’d rather anime with us!

Don’t forget to leave us a comment, telling us what you think about this episode of our podcast! If you have suggestions on anime that you’d like to hear us talk about next, let us know that too!

If you want to keep up with the anime we have watched and plan to watch, check out the links down below.

  1. One Piece (591-628)
  2. My Hero Academia
  3. Blood Blockade (S2)
  4. Shokugeki: Food Wars!
  5. Barakamon
  6. Juni Taisen: Zodiac War
  7. Sands of Destruction
  8. Black Lagoon
  9. Gosick
  10. Mysterious Girlfriend X
  11. My First Girlfriend is a Gal

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