I’d Rather One Piece | Week 13

EP 609 – 629

This week we watched episodes 609-629. It’s only 20 episodes but we pretty much watched them all in one day. We had July 4th off and this year it fell on Wednesday so we took the opportunity to binge watch during the middle of the week. I wish we got the opportunity to skip work binge anime every Wednesday. This week we finished up the Punk Hazard Arc. We got to see some pretty cool things from Zoro, Law, and Luffy.2018-07-08_23-35-33

First up Zoro due to a turn of events ends up fighting the Snow-Snow fruit woman. Captain Tashigi ends up come through the area with her men and she decides to stay and fight the woman instead of Zoro. She and the Snow-Snow woman were under the impression that Zoro wouldn’t stop her because she’s a girl. It’s true Zoro didn’t want to hurt her so he let Tashigi handle it. Unfortunately, Tashigi bit off a little more than she could handle. Zoro stepped in and saved her in epic fashion while delivering my favorite lines of this Arc.

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Needless to say, Zoro proceeded to cut her in half with his “Great Dragon Shock”. It was super epic. It was one of those rare moments that you have to pause, rewind, and watch it again. Zoro’s definitely my favorite character.

Meanwhile, Law and Smoker were fighting Vergo. Law was having a hard time since Vergo had his heart kept squeezing it to keep Law from beating up on him. Eventually, the fight ended up just being Vergo versus Smoker but Vergo was too strong for Smoker much like the snow woman was too much for Tashigi. However, Smoker was smart and managed to steal Law’s heart away from Vergo.

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Once Law had his heart back the fight didn’t last very long. Law sliced him up and stuck him to some railing forcing him to sit there and wait to die. It was so satisfying to see this guy go down I really didn’t like his attitude.

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Finally, Luffy had round three against Caesar Clown. This time Luffy wasn’t messing around. He showed up in epic fashion wearing a dragon around his neck like a scarf. He had Caesar begging for mercy. Caesar absorbed his poison gas Shinokuni and transformed himself into a much more deadly foe but Luffy was up to the challenge. He completely blew Caesar away with his new Grizzly Magnum attack.

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Some of jokers subordinates tried to come to steal Cesar away but thanks to Usopp and Nami their plans were quickly foiled and this arc came to end. It was a fun ride. I’m really looking forward to the next arc. I know they’ll have to take down Joker. That fight has me super excited and loving the idea of Law and Luffy continuing to team up. Be on the lookout for my Punk Hazard review in the coming weeks. Leave a comment down below with your thoughts on the Punk Hazard Arc.

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