I’d Rather First Episode | My First Girlfriend is a Gal

My First Girlfriend is a Gal | 10 Episodes | DUB | VRV | **Not For Children**

Long Cover

This anime is not for children. It has a lot of foul-mouthed language and the topic is mature. It really isn’t for anyone under the age of 16, so fair warning.


Initial Reaction: This guy is so much a virgin it hurts to watch him struggle.

So… the story here is, we have a boy. Boy is a sophomore in high school. Boy wants to lose his virginity. Boy is a huge perv with weird friends though, so boy cannot approach girls. Boys friends make him ask out a popular cute girl as a joke. Girl agrees to date boy, and so ensues a completely inappropriate series of thought processing about very normal events.

The story follows Junichi as he tries to get laid. He is helplessly awkward though and has no experience with girls so everything is difficult for him. He “confesses” to Yukana, who easily sees through his “confession” and calls him out for only wanting to date her because he thinks she’s easy and he wants to get laid, but she dates him none-the-less. This causes him to have some very interesting and amusing inner dialogues.

So far, the show looks like it will be mostly fan service, but it could be interesting. I’ll hold out my final verdict until I watch more of it. I’m hoping to be amused at the very least. I like Yukana so far and how she seems to actually be a nice girl, so we’ll see how things end up. Hopefully, Junichi will get his act together and figure out what it actually means to have a girlfriend. And that it’s more than trying to trade in his V-Card.


The Otaku Couple

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