I’d Rather One Piece | Week 12

EP 591-608

This week we watched episodes 591-608. These episodes were good. There were a few interesting fights along with some intriguing plot points.2018-07-01_23-06-04

The most interesting character in all of the episodes we watched this week was Trafalgar D. Law. He’s both strong and smart. He always seems to have a plan that he’s come up with ahead of time. You never know what he’s going to do. I was shocked when he left Caesar’s side to ask Luffy if he wanted to form an alliance. He revealed that he had a plan to take down one of the four emperors. They intentionally muted the audio in the show so we don’t know which one of the four emperors it was but whoever it was Luffy didn’t mind taking them down because he agreed to the alliance.


As the first part of this new alliance, Luffy was asked to capture Caesar. While Law went back into Caesar’s base with Chopper in order to find a cure for the children that Caesar had captured. Apparently, Caesar kidnapped a bunch of kids over the past two years and had been experimenting on them trying to find ways to create giants. He kept the children safe and didn’t appear to be harming however it turns out that he was giving them candy every day with an addictive drug inside. Even though Nami and the others broke the children out Caesar’s base now they want to go back since they’ve begun craving the candy.


Shortly after Law gets inside he is quickly found out and incapacitated by Vice Admiral Vergo. Vergo literally has Law’s heart in his hands and was quickly able to bring him to his knees with just a little squeeze. Vice Admiral Vergo leads the Navy’s G5 unit alongside Vice Admiral Smoker. It quickly becomes know that Vergo is actually working for “The Joker”. The same man that Caesar works for. Apparently once upon a time, Law used to work for Joker as well. Later we find out that “The Joker” is actually Doflamingo one of the Seven Warlords of the sea.


Meanwhile, Luffy ends up fighting against Caesar who ate the gas-gas fruit. Even though he’s a logia type Luffy manages to grab him no problem thanks to his new Haki abilities he learned from his training. However Caesar didn’t go down easy, first, he tried poisoning Luffy but it didn’t work because Luffy is now immune to poison. Then he tried blowing Luffy up but Luffy was too fast. Then all of a sudden Luffy started choking and passed out. Franky and Robin tried to go help but they were quickly disabled as well. Caesar then turned his eye’s towards the Navy’s G-5 Captain Tashigi and Vice Admiral Smoker and he captured them as well. Before long Vergo and Caesar had the whole group tied up in sea prison stone change and put in a cage to die from one of Caesar’s deadly experiments Shinokuni.


We did watch some more but since this post is getting kind of long I’ll spare you most of the details but basically Law gets them out of the cage with his powers because his chains were never actually made of sea prison stone thanks to some of forward thinking he’d already switched out the chains before he was ever captured. He even saves Smoker and Tashigi’s life on the condition that they don’t get in his way.


The group splits up to complete their separate task inside of Caesar’s base. Vergo ends up killing a bunch of G-5 soldiers and making Tashigi cry. Sanji comes to her rescue one he hears her tears fall. Needless to say, Vergo and Sanji end up in a fight.


Luffy has round two with Caesar the clown. Now that he knows that Caesar controls gasses within a certain range from his body Luffy isn’t caught off guard by any of Caesars moves. He finds out how far he has to stay away from Caesar so he doesn’t take away all of his oxygen like he did last they fought.

Just as Luffy is about to defeat Caesar he his saved by his assistant who ate the Snow-Snow fruit. Now Luffy has to fight her instead.

Meanwhile, Law is breaking into a certain room that contains S.A.D. we don’t know what it is yet but whatever it seems to be pretty powerful. I can’t wait to see what Law is going to do with it.


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