I’d Rather One Piece | Week 11

EP 575-589

So this week I watched episodes 575-589. I know that is way less than I’ve been watching for and there are two simple reasons for that. The first being I’m no longer watching the series dubbed so I have to give my complete attention to every single second of every episode. Since I don’t watch anime full time I still have other responsibilities so I can’t watch as much as I used to. The second reason I’m watching fewer episodes is I’ve finally caught up to Mrs. Otaku so now we are watching One Piece together which means no more watching during my lunch break at work which means I watch roughly 4 fewer episodes a day. Watching less episodes means I’ll get to talk more about more detailed things I like about One Piece from week to week and I’ll actually be able to cover all of the things I want to instead of having to skip stuff because it would make my post to long, like I had to the previous two weeks.


Now that you guys have been updated on my current watching habits let’s discuss episodes 575-589. These episodes were the start of the Punk Hazard Arc. The Straw Hats have finally made it to the New World. Right off the bat, they have to deal with crazy weather, the Navy, and the Neo Navy. The weather allowed Nami to show off some of the things she learned during her two years on Weatheria. The Navy was the same as always, but the Neo-Navy was pretty interesting. They are like die hard marines that aren’t apart of the marines that will do anything to achieve their goal of killing all of the pirates in the new world. They operate like a crazy terrorist organization, at one point they run out of missiles and start you using there submarines instead with people still inside. These people not only volunteered to do this but it was their idea. That’s totally crazy. The captain of the group we saw was actually pretty strong. If Luffy and the others hadn’t trained for those two years they would’ve had a hard time beating him. Luckily they had that training so it didn’t take too much effort to finish him off.

After finishing off the Neo-Navy they receive a distress call from someone on Punk Hazard. They happened to be already close to the island so they stopped by. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the island is literally on fire. Even the sea around the island was in flames but that only made it more exciting for Luffy. Later find out that the other side of the island is frozen solid. Apparently, Vice Admiral Aokiji and Vice Admiral Akainu had a big fight on the island to see who would be the next Fleet Admiral and they left the island in this pitiful state.

Luffy ends up beating up a giant dragon and eating it. While other members end up locked in a cell by some strange people working for a deranged mad scientist named Caesar the Clown. The escape no problem thanks to Franky’s new laser beam. The crew runs into some giant kids on their way out and find out that they have been kidnapped. So they decided to be nice and they break the kids out and take them with them with the promise of getting them home.

Meanwhile, Captain Smoker (now Vice Admiral Smoker) shows up with his new navy team the G-5. They heard Luffy on the distress call and they are coming to capture him and the rest of the Straw Hats. They don’t actually get to fight the straw hats because they run into Trafalgar D. Law who is apparently now one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. He makes short work of the G5. He defeats captain Smoker by taking out his heart. Smoker’s not dead though thanks to Law’s devil fruit power he is able to cut people up without harming them. So he didn’t kill anyone but he easily could have. I wonder what Law is actually doing on the island since it is forbidden by the world government for anyone to come there.

So far the Punk Hazard arc is really intriguing to me. I’m most excited to learn more about Law’s character and what his plans are.


The Otaku Couple

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