I’d Rather One Piece | Impel Down

After hearing that his brother was defeated by Black Beard and handed over to the World Government to be executed, Luffy enlists the help of his newest friend Boa Hancock — one of the 7 warlords of the sea — to help him get to Impel down to rescue his brother Ace. Impel Down is the World Government’s underwater prison that is said to be worse than hell itself.


Luffy is determined to rescue Ace no matter the odds. This time though, Luffy is going in without his crew. Luffy has a hard time getting down to level 6 where his brother is being held, but he picks up several old friends along the way down. By “old friends” I really mean mostly old enemies that his crew took down in the past. Buggy the clown, Mr. 3, and Mr. 2 were the main ones helping him out. They were all trying to break out of prison but ended up helping Luffy get deeper and deeper into the prison instead.


Despite facing one trial after another, the group makes it down to level 4 — freeing lots of prisoners along the way — but it is here that Luffy faces Warden Magellan. Luffy puts up a great fight but Warden Magellan is a poison man. Luffy couldn’t even touch him without being poisoned. Eventually, the Warden defeated Luffy. He had been poisoned so bad that he was on the brink of death. Mr. 2 — also known as Bon Clay — rescues Luffy from his prison cell and seeks to find Luffy some help. In the end, they both almost freeze to death but are rescued by Ivan. S/he used to be a leader in the rebel army and has a secret base in-between level 5 and 6 of Impel Down that her and her comrades have been living in. She saves Luffy’s life through a painful process using devil fruit powers. Once Luffy is better, they lead a charge down to level six but was too late. Ace had already been handed over to the Marines to be taken to Navy Headquarters. Luffy ends up freeing his old enemy Crocodile — one of the former Warlords of the sea — and Jinbei — another one of the warlords of the sea — he refused to fight in the upcoming war because he’s friends with Ace so they through him in Impel Down.


Together they fought their way back up to the first level of Impel Down, however, they did run into an unexpected guest along the way — Blackbeard. Luffy had some harsh words and some fists for the man that defeated his brother and handed him over to the World Government. However, due to their time restraints, Luffy elected to stop fighting Blackbeard and instead rescue his brother. In the end, Luffy’s new team of former inmates managed to break out of Impel Down and steal a Navy battleship. Their destination is Navy headquarters to stop the execution of Luffy’s brother Portgas D. Ace.

lens_processed_180617114901706-2Luffy is constantly running from one dangerous place to another. He’ll do anything to rescue his brother, no matter the odds of success. I admire Luffy’s dedication and resolve. All the other characters in the show must feel the same way since he’s constantly rallying others to his cause. It really is a joy to see. It’s pretty obvious why he is the main character of the show. You can’t help but like him. I can’t wait to see how Luffy performs in the upcoming war.


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