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Initial Impression: No. I’m not for this. But… maybe… let’s just see where it goes…

So, this is not your average first episode post. Mostly because I watched the first 3 episodes, not just the very first one. My impression of it is still the same though. I’m 3 episodes in and I’m still not sold on it. The story follows Morioka, who has chosen to live her life as a NEET. If you aren’t sure what a NEET is and Wikipedia is to be trusted, it stands for a person who is Not in Education, Employment, or Training. So… basically not doing anything with your life.

Morioka is in her thirties, quits her job, and spends all of her time in an online MMORPG game. The character she creates is a guy, and everyone in the game – of course – thinks she is a guy. She meets a cute girl and they end up playing together. This leads her to join a small guild and make friends of the people there. This all plays out in contrast to her real life that we see is only the game and necessary visits to the convenience store. We are also introduced to a blonde male character who – I’m just going to take a wild guess here because it hasn’t actually been stated yet in the anime – is the real person behind the cute girl Morioka is playing with online. Depending on your perspective, it could be said that he lives a more fulfilling life. He and Morioka bump into each other IRL and they have an awkward exchange. I haven’t seen anything past that, but that’s the gist of what I’ve seen so far.

It’s interesting to watch because I’ve watched so many anime about people being stuck in a game, but she has the opposite problem. She wants to live in the game, but she’s stuck in real life. It’s interesting too because, even though she’s thirty and was excellent at her job when she was employed, she still freaks out like a teenager over little stuff. It’s intriguing enough, but as someone who is no longer a teenager and has a job, I find her to be a bit annoying sometimes. I just think it’s weird that she’s at that level of social awkwardness after being in the workforce for so long. I get that she’s a gamer and everything, but… still.

I’m curious as to how their meeting IRL will play out and how that will affect their game and such. I have to say though that I’m not addicted or overly invested in finishing this anime. It appeals to me ever so slightly, enough to keep my lightly hooked into the story. I want to finish it and see how the story plays out, but if it were to magically disappear and I never knew the ending, that wouldn’t bother me either.

But, we’ll see where this thing goes.


The Otaku Couple

18 thoughts on “I’d Rather First Episode | MMO Junkie

  1. “I just think it’s weird that she’s at that level of social awkwardness after being in the workforce for so long.”

    I wish I could say I agree with that, but interactions with some of my past and present bosses remind me otherwise, and in less entertaining ways than what I got watching this series…

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    1. Also social anxiety is a real thing. She definitely has that. I’m wildly successful at job performance but I’m not the greatest in IRL casual social settings. Being a gamer has nothing to do with her behavior.

      The story plays out too by the numbers of you ask me. I thought it was an ok show but ultimately over hyped.

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      1. I thought it was pretty good. This season’s Wotakoi has been equally, possibly even more enjoyable for me though.

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      2. Love is Hard for Otaku is easily the best thing I’ve seen from A-1 Pictures this season. It’s kind of in the same vein as MMO Junkie, in that it’s a slice-of-life drama that focuses on more adult-aged characters. It’s not big-budget production, but I think it’s super cute and relatable.

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      3. I don’t usually check for dubs, but I’m currently watching subbed on Amazon Prime. I think the season/series may actually end this week.

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      4. Ah. I’d be surprised if it was. VRV seems to just draw just from Crunchyroll/Funimation. You’ll probably have to go Amazon Prime or 3rd party streaming site.

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      5. Okay. Vrv has an app on our Xbox, so Prime is a little bit more work to get to. But if you say it’s good I’ll trust your judgment and put in a little more work to find it lol 😁😂

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      6. True. I know social anxiety is a real thing. I just thought it was a little overplayed in some scenarios? Like talking to the cashier at the convenience store she goes to. I figured if she managed to make it to 30 and be in the workforce some of those skills would translate to basic interactions — not necessarily with the blonde guy because that’s a little different. However, I don’t suffer from social anxiety, so my perspective is a little harsher I guess. I never meant to be insensitive to those people who do have it.

        Also, I know being a gamer has nothing to do with it lol. I just thought that’s how they were trying to portray her. Like playing into the stereotype of “I’m a gamer so I can’t relate to people in real life” type of thing.

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      7. Ah, that’s fair then.

        The show does focus a lot on her recovery and reentry into society of that sways your thoughts at all. Japanese society, especially office with like she was doing, is high stress. I can’t really blame her for leaving.

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      8. 1000% true. Working is stressful in general, so I understood her and why she quit. And you’re right, it is her recovery. It is Recovery of an MMO Junkie after all 🙂 lol.

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