I’d Rather One Piece | Week 10

EP 475 – 574

This week I watched another 100 episodes. So unfortunately just like last week, I won’t be able to cover everything I watched this week in one post. The Summit War Review and the Fishman Island Review will be posted in the coming weeks, they’ll give my overall thoughts on both arcs. Most of the episodes I watched this week showed off the new skills the Straw Hats acquired during their two years of training separately.


After Bartholomew Kuma separated the Straw Hats across the globe, they agreed to meet back up in two years — everyone conveniently landed in places that could teach them new things. When the Straw Hats meet back up, we see the results of their training.

In addition to everyone getting physically stronger, they also developed cool new moves.

  • Brook can make his spirit leave his body and turn into a ghost.
  • Nami has a pretty similar set of powers as before, but they are much stronger and way faster. She sets up traps before her targets even realize they’ve already been caught.


  • Usopp bulked up and isn’t as cowardly as before. He also added various dangerous plants to his arsenal of weapons. He can use them to take down all kinds of opponents.
  • Chopper can use all of his forms now without a Rumble ball — except for one. He has to use one rumble ball to access his monster point form, which shows how far he’s come. He had to use three rumble balls to access it before, and he couldn’t control it. Now he has complete control, making him a truly dangerous source to be reckoned with.


  • Robin can now make her body parts appear even larger, disappear into flower petals, and she can also apparently create an entire duplicate of herself. I see that coming in handy. (No pun intended.)
  • Sanji can walk on air in addition to his more powerful kicks. He calls his new technique sky walk, but it’s the same as CP9’s moon walk.


  • Franky added a bunch of modifications to his body making himself stronger, but he also made improvements to the ship and made himself a Gundam for him to pilot.
  • Zorro is much stronger after training with Mihawk. He’s missing an eye now – which makes him look way tougher than he used to. We don’t know what happened to it because they never really explain it, but hopefully, we’ll hear about what happened one day.


The results of Luffy’s training were most impressive. Since he learned all three types of haki from Rayleigh, he’s super strong. He took out 50,000 soldiers without ever throwing a single punch. He also learned to increase the power of his punches using his armament haki. His new moves are amazing, and even his old ones don’t appear to take anywhere near the toll as they used to.


I can’t wait to see how the Straw Hats use all of their newly acquired skills in the New World. I’ve finished all of the dubbed episodes at the time that I’m writing this, so from here on out I’ll be watching One Piece subbed on VRV with Mrs. Otaku. I’ll point out any clear differences I noticed after making the switch.

The Otaku Couple

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