I’d Rather One Piece | Sky Island

Episodes 136-206

Sky Island.

From the first mention of Sky Island, you can’t wait to get there. Instead, though, you end up spending several episodes on an island called Jaya. You might feel like you can rush through these episodes, but it’s actually very important, and not just because it’s where they learn how to get to Sky Island. Jaya’s connection to the sky island, Skypiea, was super cool and unexpected and eventually, the Straw Hats make up to the sky.

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Luffy and the gang get branded as criminals shortly after making it up to Sky Island. I know this isn’t surprising, but this time it looks like it’s going to have some serious consequences. They have to face god’s judgment. They are supposed to do this through surviving various ordeals when going up against the god Eneru’s priest. They beat Satori the first of Eneru’s priest but then an all-out war breaks out between Eneru’s priest (plus his royal guards) and the Shandoraians.

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Through this war, we learn all about sky warfare. In sky warfare, dials of all different types are used in a variety of ways in order to battle opponents. When things first got started it seemed like the priest could use some weird type of magic but once Gan Fall (the former god) explained how the different dials were used in battle it all became clear. As we continued to see different battles creatively making use of dials, the episodes became more and more exciting.Sanji DialsEventually, we get to meet the god Eneru himself as he appears in a flash of lightning. We find out that he uses incredible lightning powers and his body itself is actually made of lightning so he can’t be harmed. Later we find out that he’s eaten a devil fruit and that’s what’s given him these incredible abilities. We find out that Eneru is actually from another sky island and that he dethroned Gan Fall six years prior and has developed an elaborate plan for Skypiea. Eneru treats the war on the upper yard sky island like a game. His big mistake though was involving the blue sea dwellers known to us as the Straw Hats.EneruAs anyone could’ve predicted, in the end, the lightning god Eneru had to face the rubber-man Monkey D. Luffy. It was an interesting fight since Luffy is impervious to lightning Eneru had to come up with some other crafty ways to keep Luffy away from him. In the end though, with the help of his friends, Luffy and his gang defeated Eneru and actually got away with the treasure.Luffy vs. Eneru SocialOverall I really enjoyed the Sky Island arc and I would definitely watch it again if I ever manage to get caught up on One Piece. What did you think about the Sky Island Arc? Leave comments down below.Bye Sky Island Social




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